What would a web toon be without coin. All the pieces I host here I honor as authentic. If you don't think so, or for whatever reason, I will always take them back. The Grading Chart is what I us to evaluate my world silver coins. Most of the pieces hear are from lumps of world silver coins. Trading coins are fun, the better you do your research the more fun you will have. Nags Shrine

1954-1970 Antilles 1/10 Gulden

1954-1970 Antilles 1/4 Gulden

1911-1936 Australia 3 Pence

1938-1944 Australia 3 Pence

1949-1952 Australia 3 Pence

1955-1964 Australia 3 Pence

1910 Australia 6 Pence

1938-1945 Australia 3 Pence

1955-1963 Australia 6 Pence