First thing is that the shrine is going
to be built on blind faith, as that is
about all I have. As this is kinda
dedicated to a shrine any
non-blind-good-faith transactions
are kinda frowned upon. Anyways,
with this novel dias the craps
in the pit are slow, so I had to
find a sponsor. I like the chief
cause of his morals and integrity.
That and the fact that working for
the dead is way easier than working
for the living. And he pays way

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Chief Looking Horse
White Buffalo

O my lord, you do not know this
monster and that is the reason
you are not afraid. I who know
him, I am terrified. His teeth are
dragonís fangs, his countenance
is like a lion, his charge
is the rushing of the flood,
with his look he crushes
alike the trees of the forest
and reeds in the swamp.

- Enkidu -

SPOT : $27.540
GRAM : $0.885

CHIEFV : $52.373
CHIEFG : 61.844

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